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Below are some examples of how we can display your content to gain maximum viewer attention and buying actions.
Please remember there's more than 1 way to be right. Each section will have an explanation/description as shown below.

This section has a few elements to it;

  1. You will notice the background image is to the left - it can be right across the page, to the left, centred or to the right
  2. The image is set to "parallax". This gives you a 3D experience
  3. We have a text information box on the right - choice of colours is endless and there's also a massive choice of icons
  4. The Inquiry button is what you need people to click. Once you click on this (try it) it opens up a new "hover window" where site visitors can enter their contact details - as much or as little as needed. When they complete the process, they will receive an email automatically acknowledging their inquiry and you can optionally send them to another page on your site as I have.
"Web Sites Built By A Marketer And Designed To Sell"
Here's Why You Should Choose a Marketer (Arrowbiz)To Design & Build Your New Website Instead of a Graphic Designer
  • Marketers Understand How To Get People To Inquire About Your Products or Services
  • Benefit From Our 35+ years Of Running Multi Award Winning Businesses
  • Gain The Benefits Of An In-House Business Coach To Design A Complete Marketing Strategy
  • We Create Designs That Will Convert Your Traffic To Sales Through Rigid Research And Statistics

Below you'll notice the image has a dark transparent screen over it to highlight the text which has a commanding headline to show site visitors an expected outcome.

"Discover our 4-Step Web Development System That Attracts HOT Leads on 100% Autopilot..."

The fastest and quickest way to see results... Starting today!

The section below uses animation to attract viewers attention and can be set in the following ways:

  1. By altering the timing of the elements. You'll see below they are "Timed" which means each column comes in 1 after another, yet all the column contents come in together (this can also be separated to come in 1 part at a time
  2. The directions can be changed - you'll see the 2 left columns come from the left, the third comes from the top and the 4th column comes from the right side.
  3. When viewing, to see the effects again, you need to refresh your page by hitting the F5 key

Strategy Development

No 2 web sites are the same and nor should they be.

We listen to the needs of you & your business and develop a strategy to match your marketing needs and personal preferences.

A large factor considered is "competitor analysis" where we research their strategies & performance.

Whether it is 1 page or multi page site - with or without a shopping cart, it's all designed here.

Construct Backend

This is the foundations of your site where the design and strength of your sites back-end will dictate how your site performs and it's risk of being hacked.

Here's just a few benefits:
* multi level security
* full access to add or modify content
* full site performance diagnostics
* automatic cloud backups

Website Development

"User experience" is paramount to the success of your site and critical factors include:
* load speed
* logical flow of information to entice action
* mobile device viewing
* relevant content
* ease of navigation
* your branding
* social media integration.

It's not just put in some words & pictures and make it look "pretty" . . . your site must be a complete marketing strategy.


Having a website is the start of your journey into online marketing and is enhanced by:
* Social Media Marketing is used daily by millions of businesses to promote their products & services.
* Email Marketing allows you to capture visitors emails and keep in touch with them on an ongoing basis.
* SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about being found on the front pages of the major search engines.
Here we use a combination of attention grabbing images coupled with what's important to our prospects

  1. You can choose any background, plus various objects to gain attention such as the 3 green boxes with white text.
  2. Icons are another way to get peoples attention
  3. Make sure you address the elephant in the closet, in this case it's about making sure your site works on mobile phones. By raising the problem first, you are showing you know your stuff.

Professionally Built Web Sites From The Ground Up

  • Award Winning Designer
  • Attract More Customers
  • Strong Support

pic-1-fancy  When you choose Arrowbiz to design and build your website, you get more than just a website.  You gain the benefit of a multi award winning business owner who mentors business owners and managers in all aspects of business growth with a special focus on direct response marketing.

After all, every time I advertise I want a return on my investment . . . so when a business pays for a web site it should expect a return on investment (in fact many times over) and that is what Direct Response Marketing is about - getting a response!  So while colour is important, content, layout & functions are KING!

  The definition of a business is A Commercial Profitable Enterprise and to be profitable, you need customers/clients.  Only a complete marketing strategy including how to get people to your site, how to get them to stay & buy and then how you look after them once they left will allow you to maximise the profit potential of your business.

  You receive unbridled support from Arrowbiz.  The support starts from our first contact and is ongoing through the development stages and after site launch.  Every site we build is in your name (sadly we come come across where a couple of designers have the site domain name in their own names and hold clients to ransom by demanding payment for any changes and not releasing the sites back when requested).

A major part of our support is giving you peace of mind knowing you own it all, it's securely  regularly backed up, and you have full access to make changes or add new content.  All of this is backed up with our Bullet Proof 12 month warranty and ongoing hosting & support services.

View Your Site On Your Favorite Device

One Of The Quickest Ways To Not Rank On Google Is NOT Be "Mobile Responsive"

responsiveWhat is "Mobile Responsive" you ask?  I'm sure you've looked at sites on your mobile phone or tablet and find the text is incredibly small and you have to scroll sideways to see all of the page - that IS NOT MOBILE RESPONSIVE.

A Responsive site will automatically adjust itself to suit what you are viewing it with.  Up until a few years ago, this wasn't a problem however now with more options to view sites than just a desktop computer and so many operating systems, responsive sites need to be able to easily handle all of the demands placed upon it to ensure a great user experience.

If visitors to your site are having trouble reading and navigating through it, then you have no hope of sales or inquiries.  Plus the major search engines such as Google give preferential ranking to fully responsive sites.  Naturally all Arrowbiz sites are Fully Responsive using the latest technology for A Great User Experience.

You are the expert in your occupation/industry. Don't waste your "valuable business time" trying to build your site yourself - leave it to the professionals with over 35 years marketing & business experience!
It's no use having a great website if you don't guide people to take action.

  1. Tell them what steps they need to take to solve their problem
  2. Large action buttons such as this "Inquire NOW!" get peoples attention
  3. Once they click on the button, they instantly can enter their details and you receive an email notifying you of their inquiry

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